Editorial Board Statement

This provision regulates the processes of formation of expert advice in journals of “Creative Economy” Publishers (Publishing House “Biblio-Globus”). All the rules of the Regulations are mandatory for all members of editorial boards.

  1. The Expert Council of the journal is formed and approved by the editor in chief, in accordance with the objectives of the journal.
  2. The main condition for inclusion in the expert council of the journal on his own initiative is the availability of publications in this journal and the positive experience of the expert evaluation of manuscripts.
  3. Each expert can come to the council of one or more logs all publishers.
  4. Chief editor may invite an expert to the board of the journal without the need of the previous conditions, if appropriate to achieve the objectives of the journal.
  5. The main function of the members of the board of the journal – peer review of manuscripts received in accordance with the Regulations on the reviews. Members of the board of the journal can also be involved in strategic planning and operational work in all other aspects, if it meets the objectives of the journal.
  6. In addition to the evaluation of manuscripts Member of the Expert Council may publish in the journal the results of research and surveys and editorials containing their views on topical issues.
  7. Termination of the participation of experts on the board of the journal possible for his personal decision after notification of the chief editor.
  8. It is also an expert in the work of the board of the journal can be stopped when repeatedly identifying cases of scientific misconduct, after notification to the expert to justify the decision.
  9. If a member of the Board for two years does not participate in the expert evaluation of manuscripts received, or it does not publish his article, the editor in chief reserves the right to exclude him from the board without prior notice.